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I'm Karson Brown, an on-location, natural light photographer and a Colorado farm kid now living in the Mile High City - Denver. Over a decade ago, I moved from my family farm in Montrose, Colorado to the city to attend art school. A career change and a little more schooling later, I'm right where I was always meant to be – immersed in photography. I specialize in photographing families of ALL shapes and sizes, people/couples in love, working people, high school seniors, live music and travel spots all around the world.

My approach is sincere, authentic and photojournalistic. I’m not a fan of an overly posed, stuffy photo shoot. I search for real emotions and candor. Light chasing is what I do; I love to find the most complimentary lighting to help accentuate the mood.

Location, location, location! I work with my clients to find the ideal spot for the shoot, a site that communicates the energy and personalities of the individuals. At times we will explore the city while on a shoot to find the hidden gems. Whether it is a mix of peaceful, rustic outdoors or a dash of urban alleyways streets and breweries, the photo shoot will tell the story of you!

Things I love:

My beast master, cat-loving husband. He can tame any wild animal and has been known to relocate scary spiders outside instead of stomping them. He's my best friend and a real catch!

Family. The whole crazy bunch: siblings, parents, grandparents, nephews, nieces, cousins (hundreds of them) and not to mention all of our animal children too. Can a person have too many cats...?

Globetrotting. My first trip to the magic kingdom in California at the age of 9 stirred up not only my interest for experiencing different localities and cultures on this green and blue floating rock, but also coaxed me into always having a camera in hand to document every minute of my explorations. Although my Kodak Disney Mickey Matic was traded in for DSLR, my love for the two together hasn't changed. Along the thousands of miles, four continents traveled and countless adventures, my affection for people, places and the little elements of life keep me thirsty for that next adventure.

Oysters. Seriously, I have not met a perfectly shucked, chilled, salty, slime filled creature that I didn't love; sort of unusual for farm kid from landlocked Colorado.

Music. Sometimes I wonder if my life had a theme song what would it be or say about me...I love so many different types of music and have so many playlists named "Mixed Tape," I never know what kind of hybrid I'll get! - For nearly four years, I've been photographing concerts for a couple local blogs capturing superstar performers and local breakout musicians. Live music shows are one of the best places to be whoever you want to be at that single moment (with background music). They are also a great place to people watch and see the interactions of strangers coming together for the love of music.

I can’t wait to mix my style and vision with yours!
This is going to be fun!

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